30 Apr 2007
April 30, 2007

Regufoam makes a splash at Project Lateral

April 30, 2007

Rainbow Pools has used Regufoam, a high performance polyurethane (PUR) foam, to isolate two swimming pool bases at Project Lateral – an exclusive apartment development in London’s Belgravia. Available exclusively from CMS Vibration Solutions, Regufoam was installed to prevent impact energy and resonance from spa service lines travelling into the building structure and disturbing residents.

As both pools were butted to an external wall within the basement area of the ten-storey development, a natural frequency of 8-12Hz was required to ensure adequate vibration control.

With one pool constructed of granite at 3.9 tons/m2 and the other of stainless steel weighing 1.5 tons/m2, a combination of Regufoam materials was necessary to achieve the performance criteria specified.

Offering a range of load bearing capacities, Regufoam is available in six densities from 150kg/m3 up to 680kg/m3. For Project Lateral, CMS Vibrations recommended Regufoam 400 to line the pool bases and Regufoam 220 to cover the side walls.

Regufoam 400 was installed to provide full base coverage for the granite pool and partial coverage for the stainless steel pool. Custom cut into triangular pieces by CMS Vibrations, Regufoam 220 was bonded around the side walls to account for the increase of pressure towards the bottom of the pools.

Ben Winser, project co-ordinator at Rainbow Pools, comments: “We needed to source a very specific and high performing isolation material that would ensure future apartment occupants would not be disturbed by pool vibrations.

“Having recommended Regufoam and delivered a quick turnaround on the product, CMS Vibrations’ assistance ensured that we were able to continue the job with minimal disruption.”

Highly durable and adaptable, Regufoam possesses excellent recovery properties and a low compression ratio. The material is 100% recyclable, and retains its performance for a long life span.

Paul Lafone, technical director for CMS Vibration Solutions, said: “As the pool bases were butted up to one of the building’s external walls, it was highly probable that vibrations would travel through to the apartments above if the pools were not isolated. Understanding the project brief, we were able to recommend and install an appropriate isolation treatment for both pools at Project Lateral.”

Regufoam is suitable for use across a broad spectrum of applications, including construction, industrial, infrastructure and civils. The material can be applied within very light load areas and achieve high damping ratios and low natural frequencies.

Supplied in easy to lay rolls, Regufoam is quick and easy to install. The material can also be moulded, die-cut or stamped. Individual form designs are available upon consultation.

CMS Vibration Solutions is the exclusive UK supply partner for the complete Regufoam and Regupol RAV range.

Manufactured in Germany by BSW, all Regufoam and Regupol RAV products have been independently tested at the structural dynamics division at the University of Dresden. Test reports are available on request.

CMS Vibrations is part of the CMS Group, which also includes CMS Acoustics, a specialist in acoustic products for the construction and industrial sectors. In addition to the high performing Regupol and Regufoam ranges, CMS Vibrations supplies an extensive range of anti-vibration and structural isolation products from companies including Kinetics Noise Control, GERB, Effbe and Rock Delta.

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