CMS Vibrations Solutions has been appointed by Carillion to isolate press foundations at News International’s new printing facility in Broxbourne, London. Over 700 metres of Regupol RAV300, a high performance anti-vibration system, will be installed to isolate five foundation blocks and support a total of ten printing presses.

Part of a £600 million investment by News International in the modernisation of its printing facilities, the new plant is set to create one of the world’s largest printworks.

Laid around the foundation perimeter, Regupol RAV300 will prevent the printing presses from causing structural disturbance by dampening the passage of noise and energy into the main foundation blocks. Equally important, it will prolong the life of the printing presses by protecting them from external sources of vibration. Furthermore, the overall reduction of onsite noise will help ensure compliance with the recently introduced EU Noise at Work Regulations.

In addition to foundation treatment, Regupol RAV300 is suitable for absorbing vertical shock loads, which makes it ideal for the direct isolation of printing presses. Supplied in sheet form, the anti-vibration system can be quickly and easily laid on site to create a sound structure within specified timescales. The Broxbourne facility is expected to be fully operational by the end of 2007.

CMS Vibrations recommended Regupol RAV300 due to its suitability for high performance areas and minimal creep properties. Independent testing of the material has demonstrated that it retains its technical capabilities, without maintenance, for the lifespan of the installation.

Furthermore, Regupol RAV300 has a temperature resistance range of -40ºC to 110ºC and can withstand loads of up to 0.10N/mm².

Constructed of polyurethane bound rubber granulate material, Regupol RAV300 is a fully recyclable and environmentally friendly solution.

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