05 Sep 2007
September 5, 2007

CMS Vibrations secures exclusive UK deal with Kinetics

September 5, 2007

CMS Vibration Solutions has secured an exclusive UK & Republic of Ireland agreement with Kinetics Noise Control, the North American leader in noise and vibration control products. The partnership bolsters an already strong portfolio and makes the largest range of anti-vibration and structural isolation products available from a single source in the UK.

A key Kinetics product now being adopted by acoustic consultants is the Kinetics Roll-out Isolation Material (RIM), used for the creation of both concrete and timber floating floors. This floating floor system is constructed with pre-compressed fibreglass isolation pads positioned on calculated centres, in-filled with acoustic mineral wool and toped with lost formwork or plywood.

Cost effective and easy to construct, the RIM system is designed for recording studios, cinemas, bowing alleys, plant rooms and many other environments where high levels of vibration control is required.

Paul Lafone, CMS Vibrations sales director, comments: “Vibration and acoustic isolation is a highly specialist area. Consultants and contractors now have access to the UK’s widest range of high performing and cost effective systems, which is critical when identifying the best solution to a vibration challenge. Our strong manufacturer relationships mean we not only deliver the right solution – we get it on-site and at a competitive price every time.”

The Kinetics deal is the latest exclusive agreement to be secured by CMS Vibrations, who already has the sole UK rights to provide the market leading Regupol RAV and Regufoam materials – designed as anti-vibration materials for high performance structural, foundation and machinery isolation.

As well as manufacturing its own range of anti-vibration materials, CMS Vibrations is able to offer the complete solution by continually sourcing new and innovative products from leading manufacturer partners. Recent expansions to its offering include the addition of low frequency air isolators and coil spring dampers products from German manufacturers Effbe and KTI.

Levelling product specialist, Effbe, manufactures machine bearing elements and SLM air spring mounts – both now available through CMS Vibrations. The expanded range will enable CMS Vibrations to meet the needs of all specialist machinery mounting requirements, including injection moulding, die casting and high speed punch press machinery.

KTI will broaden the CMS Vibration spring mount portfolio further, with the addition of springs combined with safety damping. Either to reduce the impact of vibration arising from machinery, or to prevent external vibration from damaging sensitive equipment, these springs offer a cost effective and efficient method of vibration control.

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