CMS Vibration Solutions, one of the UK’s leading anti-vibration specialists, has specified and delivered a combination of high performance Regufoam materials for Wyresdale Concrete Products. Used to isolate the foundations of a new Hess Vibrating Block Machine, Regufoam, a 100 percent recyclable polyurethane (PUR) foam, has effectively dampened vibrations generated by the manufacture of paving blocks, preventing the factory operation from causing a disturbance to neighbouring residents.

Consulting machine manufacturers Hess, as well as the engineering consultant, CMS Vibrations identified the most cost effective and high performing anti-vibration specification for the project requirements. Total isolation of the 6m x 5m x 2.2m inertia pit was achieved by installing Regufoam 150 to the sides and loose-laying Regufoam 300 on the base.

The Regufoam materials were specified at 25mm thick to ensure a natural frequency of 7Hz could be achieved once the machine was operational. The key specification considerations were a final 125 tonne static load imposed by the foundation block/machine and 100kn vertical/160kn horizontal dynamic loadings generated from manufacturing forces.

Steve Blackburn, Wyresdale Concrete Products, comments: “As a heavy duty machine that would be operational for approximately 10 hours a day, effective vibration control was a critical factor.

CMS Vibrations were extremely responsive, taking a highly technical challenge and literally turning it into a practical and cost effective solution. Regufoam was quick and easy to install and is delivering the exact performance we needed.”

The Regufoam range of anti-vibration materials has been developed specifically for the attenuation of noise and vibrations. Available exclusively in the UK through CMS Vibrations, Regufoam is offered in a choice of six grades, selected according to load bearing and natural frequency. The materials are supplied in easy to handle rolls of 5m x 1.5m and standard thicknesses of 12mm and 25mm.

Matthew Bromley , director, CMS Vibrations, concludes: “Regufoam is an extremely flexible specification. As well as offering a competitive and high quality anti-vibration system that guarantees to perform over time, Regufoam is completely recyclable – making it a sustainable choice for any project.”

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