London based concrete framespecialists Byrne Bros (Formwork) has worked with CMS Vibrations Solutions to ensure the new Paddington Central CrossRail deck will remain structurally sound. CMS Vibrations recommended Regupol RAV100, a heavy duty screed isolation solution, to protect the project’s concrete slab foundations from ground-borne vibrations.

The development required a heavy duty solution that would isolate the 500mm concrete slabs, to prevent them from being destroyed by the eventual vibrations of high-speed trains.

Jon Hurd, project manager for Byrne Bros, explains: “The CrossRail track will eventually run through tunnels cored beneath the deck foundations. Preventative measures were therefore needed to isolate the concrete slabs from the ground and the columns supporting the deck.

“We chose RAV100 to sit beneath these slabs as it is proven to reduce high-impact noise and vibration from very high loads, plus it stands the test of time.”

Paul Lafone, sales director of CMS Vibrations, comments: “We had no doubt that Regupol RAV100 was the ideal solution for this particular project. Even under high loads, RAV100 has minimal creep. It is also quick and simple to install, which is important for projects of this nature where time is of the essence.”

The construction of the CrossRail podium deck, which forms the foundations for the second phase of the Paddington Central development, will allow future phases to continue independently of CrossRail works. Standing eight metres above ground level, the deck is the largest structure of its kind in the UK.

CMS Vibrations supplies an extensive range of anti-vibration products which includes CMS manufactured solutions, as well as the high performance Regupol range.

Through sister company CMS Acoustic Solutions, CMS Vibrations also provides access to the full range of acoustic products for construction and industrial applications.

Products are distributed from the CMS Group’s new distribution centre in Warrington, where clients nationwide are already benefiting from the option of immediate dispatch. Plans are underway to open an additional distribution centre at the company’s Colchester site later in the year.

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