Broughton Printers has used CMS ISOSheet to protect a £14 million investment in a new production facility by isolating the foundations of a KBA automated reel logistics system against external vibrations. Supplied and installed by CMS Vibration Solutions, the material will prevent external vibration and shock from reducing the accuracy of the automated reels and stop machine-induced energy causing structural noise within the facility offices.

CMS ISOSheet is a medium density closed cell structure foam. A combination of 50mm and 25mm thick sheets was used to achieve total sidewall isolation of the foundation pits, covering an approximate area of 260m2. To account for greater pressure at the bottom of the foundations, 50mm thick material was installed from base level to 2.05m. The remaining depth was covered with 25mm CMS ISOSheet. Once the installation was complete, concrete was cast in the pit up to floor level.

As part of the expansion plan, and to house the new KBA Commander presses automated reel logistics system, an existing warehouse at the Preston site was converted into a reel preparation zone. When excavating the pits, main contractor John Turner and Sons, identified that the foundations were within inches of the water table, resulting in excess surface water.

While the performance of many isolation materials may have been compromised, the closed cell structure of CMS ISOSheet makes it resistant to water penetration. As well as allowing the foundation isolation to progress within project timescales, this low porosity guarantees reliable performance even over time.

Ian Fewtrell, site manager for John Turner and Sons, said: “CMS Vibration Solutions were really responsive and flexible, overcoming the surface water obstacle to complete the foundation isolation in less than a week – ahead of our own timescales. The installation of CMS ISOSheet went extremely smoothly and we were really impressed with the cost and performance of the material.”

Manufactured using a patented compound, CMS ISOSheet is designed to isolate the foundations of printing presses and similar machinery, and offers a cost effective system where moderate vibration control is required. It can achieve a natural frequency ranging from 12Hz to 50Hz, depending on the load and material thickness specified.

Paul Lafone, CMS Vibration Solutions director, concludes: “The breadth of our product portfolio enables us to provide the most appropriate solution for a given development. In the case of Broughton Printers, the material had to be water resistant and at the same time cost effective – criteria which CMS ISOSheet easily satisfies.”

Founded in 1988, Broughton Printers is a subsidiary of Express Newspapers and the Northern Shell Group of Companies.

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