The Patton Group has installed Kinetics Roll-out Isolation Material (RIM-C) floating concrete floor system, to structurally isolate nine cinema blocks at the new Bridgewater Centre in Arklow, Ireland.

Available exclusively in the UK and Ireland from CMS Vibration Solutions, the RIM-C system was installed to isolate unwanted structural noise and alleviate flanking sound transmission between the individual cinema screens and the Dunnes store below.

The Kinetics RIM-C system is a highly versatile solution that achieves excellent airborne and impact noise ratings by ‘floating’ the concrete floor slab and creating an air void between it and the substructure.

Consisting of one to four inch thick Kinetics Isolation Pads (KIPs) fixed in fibreglass matting, flanked with Kinetics Perimeter Isolation Board (PIB) and covered with marine plywood and a damp proof membrane (DPM), the Kinetics RIM-C system incorporates all the critical components needed to control vibration and noise in floating floor systems.

The KIPs are available in a wide range of densities, sizes and load capacities. At the Bridgewater Centre, the project specification demanded a natural frequency less than 20Hz and a dynamic load bearing capacity of 0.87N/mm².

By identifying RIM-C as an appropriate solution, CMS Vibrations was able to go above and beyond these requirements, delivering a constant natural frequency of between 11 and 13Hz, even with large differences in load.

To spread the load evenly, over 6,000 KIPs were laid at 450mm centres in the non-seating areas and 430mm centres in the higher load bearing seating sections of the cinemas.

Dermot McGuckin, site manager for the Patton Group, comments: “CMS Vibrations was able to meet our exact requirements by providing a product that could withstand varying loads without significantly altering the natural frequency.

“CMS Vibrations was recommended as an extremely reliable and efficient company. We were working to stringent deadlines and CMS Vibrations improved on their lead time from the date of order, effectively speeding the process up by a week and keeping us on track.”

Constructed from fibreglass, the KIPs maintain flexibility to offer a long lasting and stable performance, whilst undergoing minimal creep. Installation of the whole RIM-C system is very economical and the floor can be used immediately after the concrete has cured.

Paul Lafone, director of CMS Vibrations, says: “Using the design criteria, we were able to work out exactly where each block needed to be laid to spread the load. By completely isolating each cinema floor, we were able to ensure that the noise generated vibrations could not travel into the building structure and result in nuisance noise.”

CMS Vibrations is part of the CMS Group, which also includes CMS Acoustics, a specialist provider of acoustic products for the construction and industrial sectors. CMS Vibrations supplies an extensive range of anti-vibration and structural isolation products from companies such as BSW, Kinetics Noise Control, GERB, Effbe and Rock Delta.

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