CMS Vibration Solutions has isolated a first floor bowling alley at the new Eagles Meadow complex in Wrexham, using the Kinetics RIM System (Rollout Isolation Material). A mixed-use development by Wilson Bowden, complete floor isolation was necessary to prevent vibrations from travelling out of the bowling alley and into the retail units below.

To maximise the amount of retail space on the ground floor at Eagles Meadow, the architectural design situated the bowling alley on the first floor, alongside restaurants and bars, directly above flagship retail space. From an acoustic perspective, this was only viable if vibrations generated through activity at the 24-lane bowling alley could be isolated.

A floating floor system was specified to decouple the bowling alley floor slab from the rest of the development. The Kinetics RIM-C acoustic floating floor was selected as the system of choice based on its excellent airborne and impact noise ratings, which are achieved by ‘floating’ the concrete floor slab and creating an air void between it and the sub structure. It is a cost effective and high performing isolation system that is quick and easy to install. As well as specifying and supplying Kinetics RIM-C, at Eagles Meadow, CMS Vibrations was contracted to manage the installation.

Adrian Smith, construction manager, Wilson Bowden, comments: “The Kinetics RIM-C met all of our requirements in terms of cost, performance and ease of installation. As vibration specialists on the project, CMS Vibrations were able to provide technical advice on relative system merits, and follow this through to supply and installation, which were all completed within our scheduled site programme.”

A total area of 1,238m2 was isolated using the Kinetics RIM-C system. This was constructed by first fixing 3900 KIPs (Kinetics Isolation Pads) in fibreglass matting at 600mm centres. These were then flanked with a Perimeter Isolation Board (PIB) and covered with plywood and a damp proof membrane before the concrete slab was cast on top. Critical to the performance of Kinetics RIM-C are the KIPs, as these precompressed fibreglass isolators maintain a constant natural frequency over a wide range of static and dynamic loads. Moreover, there is no appreciable degradation in the isolation performance during the projected lifetime of the floating floor.

Paul Lafone, director, CMS Vibrations, concludes: “The amount of land available to develop is diminishing, which has led to a sharp rise in mixed use developments requiring high levels of vibration control. We’ve developed a broad product portfolio that will overcome even the most challenging of isolation requirements, and importantly, ensure the project remains within budget.”

CMS Vibration Solutions is the exclusive UK supply partner of the Regupol RAV and Kinetics noise control ranges in the UK.

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