The increasingly complex nature of vibration and acoustic challenges facing consultants and engineers means demand for bespoke products is at an all time high. In response, CMS Vibrations has expanded its in-house manufacturing facilities to tailor-make products for specific project requirements in all industry sectors.

CMS Vibrations delivers the complete turnkey package, providing a range of high performing bespoke and standard products. This includes foundation and structural isolation materials, anti-vibration pads, floating and jack-up floor systems, as well as rubber to metal isolators and machine mounting supports.

Moreover, CMS Vibrations now has the facilities to offer services such as guillotine cutting, die cutting and laminating. Die cutting allows intricate shapes or profiles to be quickly and accurately cut from materials such as rubber, metal or plastic. The process of lamination is used when combinations of anti-vibration or acoustic materials are needed to produce a non-standard solution, while guillotine cutting allows sheet sizes to be produced to suit specific project demands.

Simon Tasker, manufacturing manager of CMS Vibrations, explains: “Due to the nature of our business where natural frequency and load bearing requirements will differ, it is often the case that standard material sizes and thicknesses don’t suit the specific project demands.

“To remedy these increasingly difficult vibration and acoustic challenges, it is important that we can offer our customers the complete solution from a single source. One of the ways we do this is by laminating and bonding materials to other substrates such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and steel. Manufacturing these bespoke products in-house means we are able to turn around cost effective materials without delay.”

CMS Vibrations has recently taken on high profile projects such as Bristol Nanoscience and Quantum Information Centre. Here, CMS Vibrations die-cut and bonded multiple layers of Regufoam 400 to produce the low frequency bearings needed to isolate foundation plinths supporting electron microscopes.

Additionally, CMS Vibrations manufactured isolation products for Hampton Court Palace, where Regufoam 150 was guillotine cut into isolation strips before being bonding to timber support trusses under the palace flooring.

As well as CMS-manufactured products, CMS Vibrations delivers innovative solutions through a number of exclusive third party partnerships with market leading manufacturers. This includes the Regufoam & Regupol RAV range of anti vibration materials from German manufacturer BSW, as well as noise and vibration control products and materials from American manufacturer Kinetics noise control.

With a nationwide reach and centrally located distribution centre, CMS Vibrations can provide a next day delivery service on all CMS-manufactured and third party stock items if required.

CMS offers a full service ranging from free technical advice and material supply through to product installation by expert CMS engineers, ensuring that vibration and acoustic performance is enhanced by high quality workmanship.

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