CMS Vibration Solutions, the UK’s leading provider of specialist anti-vibration and structural isolation products, has designed and manufactured a bespoke Regufoam floating floor system for a new Linden Homes apartment development in London. Located above licensed premises, the apartments had to be treated with a very low frequency solution to ensure the building was fit for purpose and prevent vibrations from travelling through the structure and emanating as nuisance noise.

As the residential apartments were being constructed directly above a new bar/restaurant, acoustic consultants, Alan Saunders Associates, specified a floating floor to attenuate frequencies of 25Hz with 95% isolation efficiency. This high performance specification was necessary to control the vibrations that would be generated once the bar was occupied. Seeking a system that would also prove cost effective, Linden Homes consulted the technical team at CMS Vibrations, who were able to design and manufacture a bespoke system incorporating Regufoam 400.

Drawing on experience in the field and an unrivalled product range, CMS Vibrations designed special Regufoam 400 isolators to be used in conjunction with a standard concrete floating floor system in the CMS range. In spite of the bespoke design, CMS Vibrations was able to meet the strict site programme as the isolators were manufactured on-site at CMS Vibrations’ own facilities.

Richard Weaver, technical manager, Linden Homes, comments: “The acoustic performance of the floating floor was one of the most stringent I have ever come across, which is to be expected given we were constructing apartments directly above what will be a busy bar. We were extremely impressed with the technical expertise of CMS Vibrations, particularly as they were able to deliver a high performing system that also proved to be cost effective.”

Regufoam 400 is a high quality Polyurethane (PUR) foam that is capable of achieving low natural frequencies, in this instance below 7Hz. Completely recyclable, Regufoam 400 offers low compression ratio combined with excellent resilience. For the Linden Homes development, high point loads from concrete beams were also a consideration of system design. With a maximum static load bearing capacity of 0.1Nmm2 and guaranteed performance over time, Regufoam 400 satisfied the specification criteria with ease.

Installed by CMS Vibrations, the team had to contend with several challenges, including a particularly intricate floor layout and the accommodation of services in the floor structure that required additional isolation countermeasures.

Covering a total area of 4872, the system was constructed by first laying the Regufoam 400 isolators in fibreglass matting at 600mm centres and flanking the area with Perimeter Isolation Board (PIB). A plywood pouring form was created and a damp proof membrane used to cover the area before the concrete slab was cast on top.

Gary Gratton, sales engineer, concludes: “Vibration challenges in inner city developments are becoming increasingly specialist and the performance requirements ever stringent. CMS Vibrations are well placed to support developers in meeting specific project requirements as our technical team not only has access to the widest vibration product range on the market – we offer the flexibility of bespoke system design and manufacture.”

Manufactured in Germany by market-leading company BSW, the Regufoam range is available exclusively in the UK through CMS Vibrations.

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