CMS Vibration Solutions has delivered a bespoke floating floor isolation system for University College London, to prevent exercise activity in the free weights area of its third floor gym from causing excessive noise in the Bloomsbury performing arts theatre below.

Before the isolation system was installed, the force of free weights impacting the gym floor resulted in structure-borne noise. This had a predominant low frequency component, causing noticeable disruption during rehearsals and performances. The approach to reducing the noise was control at source, which required a system that could be installed over the existing concrete floor.

In consultation with the Sharps Redmore Partnership, CMS Vibrations created a high performance floating floor using the Kinetics Roll-out Isolation Material for wooden floors (RIM-W) overlaid with CMS KushinPad. Prior to installation, onsite testing of a 1.25m x 1.25m system sample confirmed that this combination had significantly improved the sound reduction between the gym and the theatre.

Rory Sullivan, senior acoustic consultant at Sharps Redmore, explains: “Early testing indicated no single resilient product was likely to be sufficient. By combining the two CMS systems, onsite testing of the sample indicated a real and significant improvement, which was far less likely to result in future disturbance.”

Kinetics RIM-W is constructed from a series of Kinetics Isolation Pads (KIPs) laid at 600mm centres and fixed in fibreglass matting. The area was flanked at three sides with Perimeter Isolation Board (PIB) and covered alternately with three layers of plywood and two layers of plasterboard at a total thickness of 75mm. While this standard RIM-W system construction delivers superior vibration isolation, enhanced performance was achieved by installing a layer of CMS KushinPad on top of the plywood.

CMS KushinPad is a two layer combination of high performance and environmentally friendly Regupol RAV systems. Made from polyurethane bound rubber granulate material, CMS KushinPad offers excellent dampening and isolation characteristics. It is supplied in rolls and can be individually cut into pads or strips to suit the exact installation requirements. The material is designed for isolating noise and vibration in areas where heavy loads are present.

The Kinetics RIM-W system is most suited to applications where high performance noise control is required and the structure cannot support the weight of an isolated concrete slab. It is quick and easy to install and can be designed to accommodate any load range.

Paul Lafone, director, CMS Vibration Solutions, concludes: “Using RIM-W and the CMS KushinPad together was a unique application, but the force of the weights dropping in the gym required a solution far superior to any one system on the market. As we have a broad product portfolio, we were able to combine two very different products to create a bespoke solution that exceeded the requirements of the specification.”

CMS Vibration Solutions is the exclusive UK supply partner of the Regupol RAV and Kinetics noise control ranges in the UK.

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