CMS Vibration Solutions, the UK’s leading provider of specialist anti-vibration and structural isolation products, has installed the Kinetics RIM-C (Rollout Isolation Material) floating floor system at the Harris Academy, Merton, to deliver high performance vibration control within a multi-purpose learning environment.

Embarking on a £2.2 million expansion programme that incorporated a new post-16 study block, the Harris Academy required a first floor multi-purpose room that could be used for a wide range of activities, including quiet study, examinations, wet play and light sports. As a versatile area, conditions demanded a structural isolation system that would both minimise nuisance noise penetrating the room and prevent vibrations caused by high footfall activities travelling into the classrooms below.

To ensure the room was fit for purpose, main contractor, Mansell required an anti-vibration solution that would achieve a natural frequency below 15Hz. Responding to the project parameters, CMS Vibrations undertook a value engineering exercise to recommend the Kinetics RIM-C system. Boasting excellent airborne and impact noise ratings, the acoustic floating floor was selected based on its ability to meet the natural frequency of the room while also providing long-term high performance noise control.

CMS Vibrations installed a Kinetics RIM-C system that comprised of 800 two inch KIPs (Kinetics Isolation Pads) centred at predetermined intervals of 600mm to meet the project’s required performance levels. Supporting a 100mm thick concrete slab and flanked with a Perimeter Isolation Board (PIB), the floating floor covered a total area of 252m².

Kelvin Davies, project manager, Mansell, commented: “Managing the design and installation of the Kinetics RIM-C system, CMS Vibrations delivered a high performing anti-vibration solution to the Harris Academy in line with overall budget constraints. The professional team demonstrated impressive technical expertise throughout the project, instilling confidence that the system would effectively isolate vibrations at source while simultaneously minimising nuisance noise transmission. Furthermore, CMS Vibrations were able to offer a flexible installation programme that did not impact on the build schedule, ensuring that the building was completed in readiness of the September school term.”

Achieving superior anti-vibration control by effectively ‘floating’ the concrete floor slab, the Kinetics RIM-C system works by creating an air void between it and the substructure. The leading formwork technique for isolating concrete slabs in floor and roof systems that also require sound abatement, the system can be adapted to create an airspace between one and four inches, depending on the acoustic performance required.

Critical to the performance of the Kinetics RIM-C system are the KIPs, as these precompressed fibreglass isolators maintain a constant natural frequency over a wide range of static and dynamic loads. Moreover, the floating floor is a resilient vibration solution that demonstrates no appreciable degradation in the isolation performance throughout the projected lifetime of the installation.

Jim Herbert, technical sales manager, CMS Vibrations, concluded: “As education institutes increasingly broaden their curriculums and move away from non-traditional subjects, multi-purpose classrooms are becoming more common place. We have a wide portfolio of specialist vibration solutions that can be adapted to provide solutions for any environment and is exemplified by unrivalled customer service.”

CMS Vibrations is the exclusive UK supply partner of the Kinetics Noise Control range in the UK.

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