Neoprene Mounts

OModel RQ

Our RQ and RD Vibration Isolators are one-piece molded neoprene mounts with encapsulated metal inserts. Each isolator incorporates two bolt-down holes on the bottom load surface and a steel top load plate for attachment to the supported equipment. The neoprene is highly oil resistant and has been designed to operate within the strain limits of the isolator to provide the maximum isolation and longest life expectancy possible using neoprene compounds.
Our neoprene mounts are designed for up to 0.5inch (13 mm) deflection, available in up to four sizes and up to thirteen capacities from 55 lbs to 4,000 lbs (25 kg to 1814 kg) and are recommended for the isolation of vibration produced by small pumps, vent sets, low pressure packaged air-handling units, etc., and are usually selected when costs must be minimized.
Operating exclusively in the anti-vibration and structural isolation marketplace, CMS Vibration Solutions has an in-house technical design team experienced in system specification, site assessment and product installation.
Although we are happy to simply supply our products, we like to offer our customers the full benefit of our experience. If necessary, we will carry out free site visits and discuss plans and proposals in detail in order to ensure the right product is specified to meet the specific requirements of your particular application.
When selecting the right neoprene isolator, it’s important to consider the end use. For example, our RD isolators are suitable for use on a structural slab or pier (in other words, floor only), whereas our RQ isolators can be used on walls as well as floors. Load capacities are also critical. Our RD isolators have a load capacity of 55lbs (25kg) to 4,000lbs (1814kg); our RQ isolators have a load capacity of 210lbs (95kg) to 1950lbs (885kg). The amount of deflection provided by the neoprene mount is perhaps the most important consideration, as this speaks to how much vibration energy will be isolated. Our RD isolators provide deflection of 0.5in (13mm) and our RQ isolators provide deflection of 0.13in (3 mm).

Our Neoprene Mounts


RD Range Elastomeric Isolators


  • For use on structural slab or pier
  • Deflection: 0.5in (13mm)
  • Load Capacities: 55lbs (25kg) to 4,000lbs (1814kg)
RQ Range Elastomeric Isolators

RAV Vibration Isolation Material

  • For wall or floor use
  • Deflection: 0.13in (3 mm)
  • Load Capacities: 210lbs (95kg) to 1950lbs (885kg)