Kinflex Flexible Connectors

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Kinflex Flexible Connectors prevent stresses due to expansion and contraction, isolate against the transfer of noise and vibration, and compensate for misalignment.
Kinflex connectors absorb the continuing movement experienced in piping systems because of varying ambient temperatures, differences in temperature of materials being handled, and differences in composition. The danger of buckling or pulling apart and resulting maintenance costs are eliminated.
Connectors reduce objectionable noise and vibration in piping systems connected in pumps, compressors, and similar pulsating equipment. The transmission of noise and vibration tends to reduce the efficiency of adjacent equipment as well as impairing the working conditions in offices and factories.
Settlement, load stresses, and wearing of parts frequently cause piping and mechanical equipment to move out of normal alignment. Kinflex Flexible Connectors compensate for these lateral, torsional, and angular movements.
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Air Conditioning, Heating, and Ventilating Systems:
Kinflex Flexible Connectors eliminate stresses caused by changes in temperature and piping misalignment, as well as reduce the transmission of noise and vibration. They are used on both hot and chilled water circulation lines, suction and discharge sides of pumps, and header connections.
One of the most significant uses for Kinflex Flexible Connectors is in industrial piping installations to compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction of the pipe.
Power Plants:
Because of the ability of the Kinflex Flexible Connectors to adjust to all kinds of movement, they can be used in power plants for condenser connections, auxiliary exhaust lines, and connections to air ejectors.
Marine Systems:
Kinflex Flexible Connectors isolate marine systems against the transmission of noise and vibration and eliminate the destructive action of electrolysis. They are used on suction and discharge sides of circulating water-cooling systems and air intake lines on diesel engines.
Sewage Treatment Plants and Pollution Control:
Kinflex Flexible Connectors are used extensively in sewage water treatment-plants and pollution-control systems.
Control Rod Applications:
Control rod assemblies are designed to absorb static pressure thrust developed at the connector thus minimizing possible failure of the connector or damage to the equipment. When used in this manner, control unit assemblies are an additional safety factor, minimizing possible failure of the expansion joint or damage to the equipment.

  • Anchored Systems: Control rod assemblies are not required in piping systems that are anchored on both sides of the connector provided piping movements are within the rated movements.
  • Unanchored Systems: Control rod assemblies are always recommended in unanchored systems and when the maximum pressure and movement exceeds the rated limit.
  • Spring-Mounted Equipment: Control rod assemblies are always recommended for spring-mounted equipment when the maximum pressure and movement exceed the rated limit.

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Flexible pipe connectors shall be used on all piping connected to rotating equipment to reduce the transmission of noise and vibration, and to eliminate stresses in piping systems due to misalignment and thermal movement of the piping.
Flexible connectors shall be of the single- or double-sphere molded joint configuration and shall meet or exceed specifications of the Rubber Expansion Joint Division, Fluid Sealing Association.
Connectors shall be made of molded neoprene reinforced with nylon tire cord and shall have mild steel floating flanges or female union ends.
Control rods shall be used with unanchored systems or with spring-mounted equipment where the pressures and movements exceed those the connectors are designed to withstand.
Flexible connectors shall be Kinflex types UTC, FTC, FC, KWA, or KMC as provided by Kinetics Noise Control, Inc.
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