Vibration Isolation for Mechanical & Electrical

The operation of mechanical and electrical (M&E) services generates varying degrees of noise and vibration which, if left untreated, have the potential to cause damage to the equipment itself as well as disturb occupants within a building. The level of noise and vibration control required for M&E will often be specified by the acoustic consultant or noise and vibration engineer, with the specification determined by a number of factors, including:, Building Regulations, Noise at Work Regulations, employer requirements, building type, machine tolerances. Effective noise and vibration control will help protect M&E equipment, which not only prolongs the life of the machinery it also reduces the cost and frequency of maintenance. Where noise and vibration are likely to cause a disturbance to building occupants, the objective of any M&E treatment is to prevent vibration from propagating into a building or stop airborne sound from transferring into occupied spaces and becoming nuisance noise. In many cases a combination of noise and vibration control solutions are required to achieve the specified performance levels.