Structural Bearings


Typically installed between the flared pile cap or column head and the upper column of a building’s concrete upstands, structural bearings typically consist of an elastomeric material (in our case, Regupol RAV or Regufoam) sandwiched between steel base plates.
With many inner city residential and commercial developments being constructed close to mainline railways, there is a very real risk of a building being exposed to the significant vibrations generated by passing trains. These vibrations can, over time cause damage to the structural elements of a building. Isolating the building from the source of the vibration is essential.
The CMS Vibrations technical team approach each structural bearing project as a unique set of challenges, creating a tailored bearing system that responds to the comprehensive data gathered by our anti-vibration experts.
We work closely with our customers , which enables us to adapt to changing site programmes to deliver an effective solution which does not impact on build schedules.
Selecting the right structural bearing solution isn’t simply a case of finding an elastomeric solution and installing it. It’s vital that precisely the right material is selected. The critical factor in making this decision is the material’s natural frequency.
The natural frequency of a material is the frequency at which an object tends to vibrate when ‘disturbed’. If the natural frequency of a material is close the disturbing frequency, then resonance may result. When this happens, not only has the elastomeric material failed to isolate a building from the source of vibration, it has also made the problem measurably worse.
For this reason, it is imperative that your anti-vibration specialist works closely with you on site to identify the precise nature of the vibration problem so a perfectly tailored solution can be designed and implemented.

Our Structural Bearings Products



Regufoam Vibration Isolation Material

  • Load Range 0.010-0.4N/mm2
  • Natural Frequency 8-10Hz
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Designed to be Flexible
Regupol RAV

RAV Vibration Isolation Material

  • Load Range 0.05-1.5N/mm2
  • Natural Frequency 10-12Hz
  • Polyurethane-Bound Rubber Granulate
  • Fully Recyclable