Steelwork Isolation Pads

Structural Steelwork

There are considerable advantages to using steel in construction. It’s strong, lightweight and durable. It’s little wonder it’s the go-to material for modern construction, particularly of larger, city-based buildings. The one thing it is very poor at, however, is vibration isolation. Vibrations travel through steel with ruthless efficiency. Furthermore, many steel frame buildings are constructed in locations where vibration is a significant issue, with busy main roads and railway lines in close proximity.
Steelwork isolation pads offer a simple yet highly effective solution. They can be employed either to separate a steel joist from the attached joist or to isolate an entire structure from the slab.
Operating exclusively in the anti-vibration and structural isolation marketplace, CMS Vibration Solutions has an in-house technical design team experienced in system specification, site assessment and product installation.
When selecting steelwork isolation pads, it isn’t simply a case of finding an elastomeric material which can withstand the physical strain demanded of it, although this is, of course, a crucial factor. The other equally important (and, perhaps, more important) factor is the natural frequency of the material used.
The natural frequency of a material is the frequency at which it vibrates if struck or if ‘disturbed’ by sound or other vibrations. If the material’s natural frequency is too similar to the frequency of the problem vibration, resonance can result which can actually exaggerate rather than resolve a vibration problem.
Our materials are Regufoam with a Load Range of 0.010-0.4N/mm2 and a Natural Frequency of 8-10Hz, and Regupol RAV with a Load Range of 0.05-1.5N/mm2 and a Natural Frequency of 10-12Hz.
We also offer Regupol Isolation Collars, designed specifically to isolate mechanical fixings from transferring noise and vibration into the surrounding structure.

Our Steelwork Isolation Pads



Regufoam Vibration Isolation Material

  • Load Range 0.010-0.4N/mm2
  • Natural Frequency 8-10Hz
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Designed to be Flexible
Regupol RAV

RAV Vibration Isolation Material

  • Load Range 0.05-1.5N/mm2
  • Natural Frequency 10-12Hz
  • Polyurethane-Bound Rubber Granulate
  • Fully Recyclable