RAV Vibration Isolation Material

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Regupol® RAV provides access to a range of high performing and cost effective anti-vibration solutions, designed to overcome all types of vibration challenges in any industry sector. Manufactured from polyurethane-bound rubber granulate, Regupol® RAV vibration isolation products are fully recyclable. A wide choice of material grades are available, including products with a load bearing range up to and including 1.5N/mm². The selection of a Regupol® RAV system will depend on a number of factors, including load, area and natural frequency required of the isolation material.
With a high load bearing capacity and excellent damping properties, Regupol® RAV maintains its performance over a long lifespan. It has also been independently tested by the Institute of Structural Dynamics at Dresden Technical University for static and dynamic behaviour.
Supplied in easy to lay rolls or individually cut pads/strips, Regupol® RAV is quick and easy to install.
Regupol® RAV is one of the leading brands for the isolation of vibration. Standard and bespoke solutions can be offered, for the most simple and complex applications.
RAV Vibration Isolation Material Comparison Table
• Excellent dampening and isolation characteristics with one side dimpled to further enhance the acoustic properties.
• Extensive independent testing conducted by the “Institute of Structural Dynamics” at the Technical University of Dresden.
• Regupol RAV anti-vibration material is completely recyclable and can therefore complement companies “Environmental Policies”.
• No expensive mechanical parts.
• Supplied in easy to lay rolls or can be individually cut into pads/strips to suit exact installation.
• Quick and easy to install
• If using adhesive, virtually eliminates the need for anchor bolts, thus reducing floor damage.
• Enables flexibility of floor layout.
Regupol RAV has a multitude of applications and can be used in both non-critical and critical areas whether for dampening or isolation of noise and vibrations respectively and has been used for:
• Lift motors
• Pumps
• Air conditioning units (ACU’s)
• Refrigeration units
• Inertia pits
• Machinery with out of balance forces e.g. lathes, pillar drills, shapers, saws, etc.
• Machinery with vertical shock loads, e.g. guillotines, power presses, etc.
• Sensitive areas such as Laboratories, nano sensitive equipment, etc.
For information relating to specific applications and suitable adhesives, please contact CMS Vibration Solutions Technical Department. To aid in the correct material being recommended, please provide as much information on the application as possible, such as:
• Weight of Machine
• Motor Speed (RPM)
• Channel, Plinth or individual footprint dimensions
RAV Vibration Isolation Performace Tables
RAV Natural Frequency Table
RAV Load Deflection Table