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Machine foundation isolation materials and techniques have two purposes: to protect delicate machinery from the effects of external vibrations or to protect a building’s structure from the potentially damaging effects of vibrating machinery. Either way, it is the machinery which must be isolated.
The most commonly employed method of machine foundation isolation is the ‘elastic decoupling’ of the machine’s foundations. The insertion of an elastic bedding (for example, RAV, Regufoam or ISOSheet) between the machine and the structure of the building effectively redistributes the vibration forces created by the machine or prevents external vibration forces from reaching the machine.
Isolating a Hess Vibrating Block machine for Wyresdale Concrete Products to protect nearby residences from the potential damage from significant vibrations is just one machine foundation isolation project we’ve brought to a successful conclusion.
We treat each and every machine foundation isolation project as a unique set of challenges because, the fact is, every project presents a unique set of challenges. Consequently, we have developed a data-driven approach in which working closely with our clients and intensive site visits play a crucial role.
CMS Vibration Solutions offer an assortment of machine foundation isolation products, the most popular being our Regupol RAV and Regufoam ranges. Our Regufoam machine foundation isolation material has a natural frequency ranging from 8 to 10 Hz and a load bearing performance from 0.01 to 0.4 N/mm2. Our RAV product has a natural frequency ranging from 10 to 12 Hz and a load bearing performance from 0.5 to 1.5 N/mm2.
Both natural frequency and load-bearing performance are critical factors. The former is important because the isolation material needs to have a natural frequency which can effectively dampen the ‘offending’ frequency; the latter is essential because the mass that the isolating material needs to support directly affects its damping capabilities.
Client: Wyresdale Concrete Products
Isolation Area: 6m x 5m x 2.2m
In brief

Wyresdale Concrete Products installed a combination of Regufoam® materials to isolate the foundations of a new Hess Vibrating Block machine, preventing vibrations generated by the manufacture of paving blocks from disturbing neighbouring residents.
Project scope
Total foundation isolation and a natural frequency of 7Hz were specified as the minimum criteria for controlling the vibrations that would be generated by the Hess Vibrating Block machine.
Working with manufacturers Hess and the engineering consultants, CMS Vibrations evaluated the key specification variables, including a final 125 tonne static load that would be imposed by the foundation block/machine and 100kn vertical/160kn horizontal dynamic loadings generated from manufacturing forces.
Balancing cost effectiveness with performance, CMS Vibrations recommended that total isolation of the 6m x 5m x 2.2m inertia pit be achieved by installing Regufoam® 150 to the sides and loose-laying Regufoam® 300 on the base. The materials were specified at 25mm thick to ensure the required performance could be achieved once the machine was operational.
Regufoam® delivered a high performance, sustainable and cost effective anti-vibration solution that was also quick and easy to install. Steve Blackburn, Wyresdale Concrete Products, comments: “As a heavy duty machine that would be operational for approximately 10 hours a day, effective vibration control was a critical factor. CMS Vibrations were extremely responsive, taking a highly technical challenge and literally turning it into a practical and cost effective solution. Regufoam® was quick and easy to install and is delivering the exact performance we needed.”
• Excellent dampening and isolation characteristics
• Capable of achieving very low frequencies under a variety of loads
• Cost effective vibration control
• 100% recyclable

Our Machine Foundation Isolation Products



Regufoam Vibration Isolation Material

  • Load Range 0.010-0.4N/mm2
  • Natural Frequency 8-10Hz
  • Polyurethane Foam
  • Designed to be Flexible
Regupol RAV

RAV Vibration Isolation Material

  • Load Range 0.05-1.5N/mm2
  • Natural Frequency 10-12Hz
  • Polyurethane-Bound Rubber Granulate
  • Fully Recyclable