MRI Machines

Anti Vibration for MRI Machines

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines are, perhaps, one of greatest innovations in the field of modern medicine. They have a whole host of applications but arguably the most crucial is their ability to create two- and three-dimensional images which make it possible to differentiate between normal tissue and pathological tissue (such as a brain tumour). This early-diagnosis facility has saved countless lives.
The precision necessary to create the images from which these potentially life-saving diagnoses can be made is extremely important. Therefore, it is essential that MRI machines, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMRI) and Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT) devices are isolated from the effects of data-distorting vibrations.
The CMS Vibrations Solutions not only offer fast-turnaround products that can effectively treat MRI vibration isolation issues, we can also provide full technical support and, if necessary, implement a comprehensive and bespoke vibration isolation solution specifically designed to meet and overcome all your vibration isolation challenges.
With almost any vibration isolation project, the natural frequency of the isolation material or system is crucial to its performance and a successful outcome. Selecting a product with the wrong natural frequency can not only result in an ineffectual solution but can, in some cases, make matters considerably worse.
Our main solutions for isolating MRI machines from sources of vibration are the ISR Air Spring System and the SLM Pneumatic Isolator Mount. The ISR offers natural frequencies as low as 1.5Hz and the SLM offers natural frequencies of between 3Hz and 5Hz.

Our MRI Machine Vibration Isolation Systems


ISR Air Spring System


  • Natural Frequency: As low as 1.5Hz
SLM Pneumatic Isolator Mounts

FH Isolation Hangers

  • Natural Frequency: 3Hz-5Hz