Electron Microscopes

Electron Microscope Vibration Isolation

Movement that is imperceptible to the human eye is grossly exaggerated when looking through the complex and powerful mechanism of an electron microscope. Even the smallest of vibrations can measurably interfere with the performance of this highly sensitive piece of laboratory equipment. Something as seemingly insignificant as passing traffic or even heavy footfall can impact upon the functionality of an electron microscope.
Isolating electron microscopes from sources of vibration is, therefore, absolutely essential. Air spring systems can effectively eliminate movement by isolating precision equipment from external influences.
CMS Vibration Solution recently took on high profile projects such as Bristol Nanoscience and Quantum Information Centre. Here, CMS Vibration Solutions die-cut and bonded multiple layers of Regufoam 400 to produce the low frequency bearings needed to isolate foundation plinths supporting electron microscopes.
With almost any vibration isolation project, the natural frequency of the isolation material or system is crucial to its performance and a successful outcome. Selecting a product with the wrong natural frequency can not only result in an ineffectual solution but can, in some cases, make matters considerably worse.
Our main solutions for isolating electron microscopes from sources of vibration are the ISR Air Spring System and the SLM Pneumatic Isolator Mount. The ISR offers natural frequencies as low as 1.5Hz and the SLM offers natural frequencies of between 3Hz and 5Hz.

Our Electron Microscope Vibration Isolation Systems


ISR Air Spring System


  • Natural Frequency: As low as 1.5Hz
SLM Pneumatic Isolator Mounts

FH Isolation Hangers

  • Natural Frequency: 3Hz-5Hz