Spring Hangers

Isolation Hangers

Our isolation hangers are designed to isolate noise in suspended ceiling systems or suspended equipment, piping or ductwork. A resilient fibreglass or elastomeric pad is incorporated into a metal assembly.
A comprehensive selection of spring hangers are available, each offering specific advantages across a broad range of applications.
CMS Vibration Solutions have a wealth of experience in investigating and diagnosing vibration problems and creating and delivering highly effective anti-vibration solutions and systems.
We offer a range of spring hangers, backed-up by the necessary knowledge and skills to ensure the right type of isolation hanger is supplied in order to meet your specific requirements.
We offer a comprehensive range of spring hangers because we know no two mechanical and electrical vibration isolation problems are the same.
Our spring hangars includes the AF range, for acoustically isolating ceiling systems from sources of noise and vibration, with a 23-91kg load capacity and 5-9mm deflection. Our FH range of spring hangers is designed to isolate suspended equipment, piping and duct-work, with a load capacity of 113-408kg and 5-7mm deflection. Our RH range is similar in application but utilises a unique elastomeric material, loading the material in shear rather than compression, with a load capacity of 34-907kg and 1-14mm deflection.
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Our Isolation Hangers


AF Series Isolation Hangers


  • For isolating ceiling systems
  • Deflection: 5-9mm
  • Load Capacities: 23-91kg
FH Series Isolation Hangers

FH Isolation Hangers

  • For isolating suspended equipment and duct-work
  • Deflection: 5-7mm
  • Load Capacities: 113-408kg
RH Series Isolation Hangers

RH Isolation Hangers

  • For isolating suspended equipment and duct-work
  • Deflection: 1-14mm
  • Load Capacities: 34-907kg