CMS Perimeter Isolation Board Strip


CMS Perimeter Isolation Board Strip is a cross linked, closed cell foam strip designed to reduce the transmission of flanking sound and vibration around the perimeter of floating floor systems.
• Superior Cushioning Material.
• Strong, Tough and Lightweight.
• Non Water absorbent.
• Chemical, Solvent and Weather resistant.
• Isolates floating floor systems from adjacent structures.
• Reduces Transmission of flanking sound, impact noise and vibration.
• Available in standard and custom widths.
• Flexible and easily cut.
• Simple to install.
• Cost effective.
CMS Perimeter Isolation Board Strip is applied around the perimeter floating floors to reduce the passage of flanking noise and vibration.
When used with a Concrete Floating Floor, the PIB strip breaks any connection between the finished floor slab and the adjacent structure.
• Cell Structure – Closed Cell Expanded Polyethelene.
• Density (DIN53420)– 35K/m3
• Compressive Set (DIN53572) <5%
• Creep @17kPa (1000h/23c) <10%
• Thermal Stability (DIN53431) <2%
• Water Absorption (DIN53433) <2%
• Tear Resistance (DIN53571) 300kPa
• Elongation at Break (DIN53571) 60%
• Compressive Deflection:
@10% – 40kPa
@25% – 55kPa
@50% – 110kPa
Physical Information

Width Length Thickness
4" (100mm) 4' (1.2m) ¾" (19mm)
6" (150mm) 4' (1.2m) ¾" (19mm)
8" (200mm) 4' (1.2m) ¾" (19mm)
10" (250mm) 4' (1.2m) ¾" (19mm)
12" (300mm) 4' (1.2m) ¾" (19mm)
16" (350mm) 4' (1.2m) ¾" (19mm)

Other sizes and thicknesses available on request.

In addition to the supply of this product CMS Vibration Solutions offers a competitively priced installation service anywhere in the UK.
Use of our service ensures that installation is perfomed to the highest standards by tradesmen fully experienced in the specialist skills of fitting vibration isolation materials correctly.
For further details please contact our technical team on 02380 625568.