Floating Floors

Floating Floors for Vibration Isolation

A floating floor system is a floor surface that is effectively decoupled from the structural floor of the building proper. The floating floor system maybe isolated using a number of methods, such as fibreglass pads or saddle systems, depending on the type of floor, concrete or timber. However, it is always best to consult before deciding on the type of floating floor system is early as possible as there are a significant number of variables, such as the function of the space in which the floating floor system is being installed; a cinema will have a very different requirement than a gymnasium, for example.
The CMS Vibrations technical team approach each floating floor project as a unique set of challenges, creating a tailored floating floor system that responds to the comprehensive data gathered by our anti-vibration experts.
We work closely with our customers , which enables us to adapt to changing site programmes to deliver an effective solution which does not impact on build schedules.
You’ll find many of our floating floor case studies here.
Selecting the right floating floor system for your application is a complex business, and not simply a case of grabbing products from a shelf and assembling them on-site. Everything from the environment in which the floating floor system is to be installed to the performance demanded from said system need to be fully taken into account before any reasonable decisions can be made.
We recommend you take advantage of the extensive knowledge and experience of our team of experts for a comprehensive appraisal of your specific requirements. We’re more than happy to provide advice or even arrange a site visit at your convenience.