CMS Vibration Solutions has specified and installed the Kinetics Spring Lift Slab Floor Isolation System, Model LSM, at a new build residential extension in Kent, to prevent low level sound from causing severe disturbance to a long term sufferer of low frequency hearing.

Low frequency hearing, or ‘The Hum’, is a condition which causes the sufferer to hear noises which are not normally audible to humans, resulting in constant disturbance during the day and an inability to sleep at night. Having experienced low frequency hearing for over six years, Mrs Champney turned to a medical acoustician to identify a solution that would help alleviate the pain and frustrations of the condition and allow a good night’s sleep.

As the low frequency noise was generally ground borne, such as water flowing through underground pipes, a completely isolated bedroom was identified as the best solution for ensuring peace at night. Local architect, Jaroslaw Wrubel was commissioned to design an extension to the existing house and source an isolation solution that could attenuate frequencies as low as 7Hz.

Although a number of other systems are available on the market, the Kinetics Spring Lift Slab Floor Isolation System, Model LSM, was the only system with technical data to prove it could achieve the extremely low frequencies specified. “With the low frequency hearing condition being so sensitive, we had to ensure the isolation system selected could meet the exact frequency requirements. CMS Vibrations worked hard to provide the technical data we needed and the Kinetics Model LSM system emerged as the best solution for this application. They were extremely knowledgeable and provided technical data many other companies just didn’t have,” explains Jaroslaw Wrubel.

The Kinetics Spring Lift Slab Floor Isolation System consists of fabricated, non-cast isolator housings that can accommodate any slab thickness, air cavity or loads. The system is constructed by first adhering perimeter isolation board to the perimeter of the floating floor area and laying a bond breaker. The LSM isolator mounts are then positioned according to system design and concrete poured on top to create the slab. Once the concrete is cured, the spring assemblies are installed within the housings and ‘jacked-up’ to lift the concrete slab to the specified height.

At the new build extension in Kent, the system was used to lift the concrete slab of a ‘room within a room’, creating a completely isolated bedroom that would prevent low frequency sound from penetrating the space. As such, the wall and ceiling of the isolated structure had to be constructed before the floor could be jacked-up.

Jaroslaw continues: “We had to achieve a lift of 50mm to meet the specified frequency for the room, which meant turning each spring just a quarter of a turn at a time. It required a precision installation to protect the performance of the specification – which CMS Vibrations was able to deliver.”

The specification of Kinetics Model LSM for this specialist application and the professional installation of the system have delivered a completely isolated structure that has succeeded in combating the challenge of low frequency hearing.

Since moving into the isolated extension, Mrs Champney has had respite from the sleepless nights and has been given a new lease of life: “It has been absolutely wonderful. I used to get less than two hours’ sleep at a time whereas now I sleep right through – I almost can’t wait to get to bed! The architect was excellent at finding the right solution and the CMS Vibrations team were very professional. I can honestly say the spring system has changed my life and for the first time in a long while, I can get away from a condition that is normally inescapable.”

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