GERB Vibration Control Systems has appointed CMS Vibrations as a UK distribution partner for its complete building isolation range. The collaboration, which expands an already extensive machinery spring isolation portfolio, makes CMS Vibration Solutions the most comprehensive provider of spring isolators in the UK.

Designed to decouple buildings from their surroundings, GERB Building Isolation Spring Systems are comprised of high quality steel coil springs and offer a complete solution to all building vibration issues. The system is particularly suitable for isolating buildings in close vicinity to railways lines, where a highly effective isolation solution is required for the attenuation of vibration and noise. The high performance of GERB Building Isolation Spring Systems in these areas has already been proven at the Bridgewater Hall, Manchester and the Imax cinema in London Waterloo.

To address a broad range of applications, the GERB Building Isolation Spring Systems offer three types of spring elements, designed to a natural frequency ranging between 2.5 and 5Hz. Firstly, the prestressable type spring elements, namely SU and GSU, can be partially pre-compressed to working height prior to placement, providing solid support while allowing for building settlement and adjustments. The second type, GP, are fully prestressable and are recommended for buildings where the precise load cannot be accurately calculated, or when the final building function is yet to be determined.

Finally, Type K, non-prestressable spring elements are designed for use in buildings of a simple, low rise structure, where no readjustments are required and a realistic prediction of the actual loads is possible. The springs adapt to the actual loads, reaching the design value when the load becomes effective.

CMS Vibrations will also offer GERB Tuned Mass Dampers (TMD) which are designed to reduce vibrations on wide span, easily excited structures, such as high rises, bridges, spectator stands and stadium roofs. Each TMD is tuned exactly to the structure and has a natural frequency ranging from 0.15 to 30Hz.

Paul Lafone, CMS Vibrations sales director, comments: “The increase in brownfield site regeneration means constructors and developers now face a wide range of vibration challenges. Our partnership with GERB enables CMS Vibrations to expand the portfolio of building isolation products, offering our customers the broadest choice of systems from a single source.”

As well as manufacturing its own range of anti-vibration materials, CMS Vibrations is able to offer the complete solution by continually sourcing new and innovative products from leading manufacturers. CMS Vibrations already has the sole UK rights to provide the market leading Regupol RAV and Regufoam materials – the high performance anti-vibration systems for structural, foundation and machinery isolation.

CMS Vibrations can provide next day delivery nationwide through regional distribution centres, including the newly opened centre in Wickford.

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