About CMS Vibration Solutions

About Us

  1. Company Overview
    CMS Vibrations Solutions is the sister company of CMS Danskin Acoustics, the UK’s leading independent distributor of acoustic products. Operating purely in the anti-vibration and structural isolation marketplace, CMS Vibrations Solutions has unrivalled breadth and depth when it comes to specifying, supplying and installing the best solution for any environment.
    Working with architects, contractors, acoustic consultants, developers and structural engineers, we can provide solutions that meet the requirements of all noise and vibration regulations, whether in the construction or industrial sector.
    As well as CMS-manufactured products, we deliver innovative solutions through a number of exclusive partnerships with manufacturers of leading anti-vibration and structural isolation systems.
    All products within the CMS Vibrations portfolio are selected to deliver high quality solutions at competitive prices. Furthermore, our experience of working with anti-vibration products and understanding their properties, means we can always specify the most appropriate system.
    Fundamentally, working with CMS Vibrations Solutions means not only working with the right products, but with the right people. That’s why all consultants, engineers and sales personnel are fully trained and have vast experience in the anti-vibration and structural isolation field.
  2. Manufacture and Supply
    With an extensive nationwide distribution network, CMS Vibrations Solutions provides access to the full range of anti-vibration and structural isolation solutions.
    The company operates a 25,000 sq ft purpose built central distribution centre at its headquarters in Warrington, and this is supplemented by a nationwide distribution network that allows CMS Acoustics to hold large volumes of stock and offer all nationwide clients the option of immediate dispatch.
    The CMS Vibrations product portfolio comprises over 500 anti-vibration materials and mountings, including both CMS-manufactured products and third party ranges.
    CMS Vibrations is continually expanding its worldwide network of manufacturer partners. If you cannot find the product you are looking for from our website or product literature, we will be happy to help you source specialist products and solutions from around the world.
    Furthermore, where you have requirements that cannot be met from existing products, we have the ability to formulate and manufacture new purpose designed products to solve specific vibration challenges.
    Where there is a requirement to create special anti-vibration products – for example, machine pads, shock cushioning systems and slide bearings, then our fabrication division has the skills to provide fast, effective solutions.
  3. Manufacturer Relationships
    CMS Vibrations Solutions has forged a number of exclusive partnerships with leading manufacturers to provide access to the full range of anti-vibration and structural isolation solutions.
    From construction and industrial, through to heavy industry and precision equipment, CMS Vibrations is equipped to deliver products that address the needs of every vibration challenge.
    We are continually developing relationships with manufacturers in the anti-vibration and structural isolation field. Current suppliers include:
    BSW GmbH
    Manufacturer of the market leading Regupol materials, BSW GmbH, provides a range of products for rail, tunnel, road and bridge constructions, as well as slab insulation solutions for precision measuring equipment. CMS Vibration Solutions is the exclusive distributor for this range in the UK.
    Kinetics Noise Control has been providing solutions to common noise and vibration problems since 1958. A leading provider in the field it delivers vibration isolation products, architectural and structural noise control systems and acoustic products for interior walls and ceilings. CMS Vibrations is the exclusive distributor for the Kinetics range in the UK.
    Effbe GmbH
    Delivering a well proven range for machine level mounts, we have secured an agreement with Effbe to distribute its high performing machine bearing elements and SLM air spring mounts in the UK.
    KTI Schwingungstechnik GmbH
    Having revolutionised spring isolation with the development of a modular structure, KTI is able to combine its elastic-plastic-viscous and viscous Safety Damping spring solutions. CMS Vibrations has exclusive access to these products, which greatly reduce vibration from impact on machinery or likewise external vibration on sensitive machinery and equipment..
  4. Technical Advice
    CMS Vibrations Solutions offers a comprehensive technical advice service to ensure that the most appropriate solution, system or product is selected for your project.
    This means being where you need us, when you need us – whether on the end of the phone or out on site.
    We also make full manufacturer technical information freely available and easily accessible. Installation details and certificates of conformity are supplied for all the products in our portfolio and datasheets are available to download as a pdf from this website (product section).
  5. Installation Service
    At CMS Vibrations Solutions, we understand that the specialist nature of vibration isolation demands an equal level of skill when it comes to installation.
    Which is why we have a team of professional installation engineers, trained in the full range of vibration solutions and to manufacturer standards where applicable. Through this team we are able to offer full installation service and guarantee to deliver to the level of detail vibration products require.